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Happy staff mean a happy and a more profitable business 
Counselling for employees. Not everyone, though, can leave their problems at the door when they arrive at work. And if those problems get worse, it can have a serious impact on your time and profits. 
We’ve all seen it happen. A person has to deal with a divorce or a bereavement. They become lonely, and their loneliness turns to depression. Some people choose to self-medicate with alcohol, laying the foundations for another problem. We’re not saying that work is the best place for sorting out personal problems, but we do believe that a small investment in your workforce’s emotional and psychological wellbeing will reap significant dividends in the long run. 
We can offer you: 
A confidential counselling hotline for staff to discuss their problems with a qualified and caring professional. 
Group hypnotherapy and relaxation sessions to help boost productivity and well-being. 
Tailor-made counselling and hypnotherapy package to suit your organisation. 
You know your staff are worth it. Call us today to discuss how we can help you make your workplace a happier — and more productive — place to be. 
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Consultations held at a private centre in the Colchester area. 
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