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‘Having gel nails by MBS they are guaranteed to stand out and give you that added confidence we all need!’ 

We offer a wide range of nail treatments depending on your desired look. 
Using gel polish and hard gel these enable your nails to be harder wearing and to last longer than your natural nails would normally. The gel polish is dried/set using a LED lamp which is not harmful to your nails. The gel activates with the lamp and sets in as little as 30-60 seconds, no need to worry about drying time. 
Gel nails are the perfect way to grow your natural nails and build strength to your existing nails without causing damage to them. 
If you are looking for a simple treatment that’s quick and effective this is perfect for you. The nail technician will file and prep your nails before applying your gel colour of choice. 
Gel Pedicure 
This is a treat for your feet! Similar to the manicure above, but first off, your feet will be soaked in a warm, bubbly foot spa in a relaxing environment at The Mind Body & Soul Colchester. You will then move onto a seated couch, so you can totally relax, and switch off. Once you’re on the seated couch, your therapist will begin to remove any hard callus skin using a foot rasp. And like the manicure, your cuticles will be gently pushed back, and any dry excess cuticle removed, helping to reduce your gel from lifting. Your nail will then be buffed and cut back, and a gel colour of your choice applied. To finish off, we massage in a nourishing foot cream, and apply cuticle oil. You will go away with your feet feeling light and refreshed with a brand new gel pedicure. 
Your therapist at The Mind Body & Soul Colchester will talk you through the benefits and answer any questions you may have. 
Gel Removal 
If you fancy a break from your gel polish, we are more than happy to safely remove your existing gel polish and leave your own nails in the perfect condition until your next visit. Safe and careful gel removal is important to ensure the health of your nail bed. 
First, your therapist uses a filing tool to remove the top layer of the gel polish. Your nails are then soaked in acetone which helps break down the polish. 
After that, your therapist removes any excess and returns your nails to the acetone bath for additional time if necessary. Any stubborn bits of gel that remain are carefully buffed off. 
You can now decide what to do next with your fresh, clean palette of nails. 
Mini Manicure 
If you're pressed for time but still want flawless nails, a mini manicure is the treatment for you, A manicure consists of Soaking You're nails, filing and shaping the free edge of nails, pushing and clipping (with a cuticle pusher and cuticle nippers) any nonliving tissue (but limited to the cuticle and hangnails), treatments with various liquids, and to finish off a gorgeous massage of the hands. 
Gel Manicure 
A full manicure treatment at The Mind Body & Soul is an upgraded version of a gel file and polish. If you want a manicure that looks stunning and lasts, the gelish manicure is the right choice for you. 
You will start by having your cuticles gently pushed back, and any excess cuticle removed, this helps to reduce the gel from lifting. Your nail will then be buffed and shaped to your preferred shape, and a gel colour of your choice applied.  
To finish off, your therapist will massage in a nourishing hand cream, and a cuticle oil will be applied giving you the glamorous experience you deserve right here in Colchester. 
Builder in a Bottle Nail Strengthening Colchester 
Upon first glance, Builder In A Bottle looks and feels just like a regular gel polish, but it's strong enough to soar far past the end of the nail, and it's sturdy enough to last two to three weeks before being filled or removed, just like dip powder or acrylics. This treatment is a great way to build your nails length by strengthening them whilst avoiding applying extensions. At The Mind Body & Soul Colchester we love this treatment as an excellent refresh for your nails. 
Your therapist at The Mind Body & Soul Colchester will talk you through the benefits and answer any questions you may have. 
Also available with Gel Polish. 
Nail Art 
Turn your nails into a work of art with some beautiful designs. Express yourself with show-stopping nails at this salon. 
How To Make Your Gel Manicure Last? 
Gel manicures have revolutionized our nail care routines and are the best option for fast-drying, long-lasting nails. A gel manicure/ Builder in a Bottle should last for up to two weeks, but we have a few handy tips from The Mind Body Soul – MBS we work with you to make them last even longer. 
Gel Manicure Aftercare; 
Apply cuticle oil to your nail beds every day. 
Do not file your nails unless necessary. If you need to, take care to file gently and always finish in a downward direction. 
Always wear gloves when doing general household cleaning and gardening, hobbies that are rough on your hands or use harsh chemical products. 
Avoid using your nails as tools to pull open or pick at anything. 
Take care not to use any products that could contain solvent oils, which causes major damage to the color. These oils can be found in certain suntan oils and insect repellent. 
To avoid the color fading on holiday, make sure you wash any chlorine off your hands after swimming and dry your nails before sunbathing. 
If any lifting occurs, make sure you do not pick or pull at the nail. Call us so that we can assess the nail and decide if a repair is necessary. 
Before your next treatment be sure to book in a gel removal to ensure no damage occurs on the natural nail 
Footfix Pedicure 
The footfix treatment, is for people that are concerned with having hard skin removal and getting their feet into a healthy condition. 
Welcoming you into a clean, relaxing space at Mind Body & Soul Colchester, we start by soaking your feet in a warm foot spa with Footlogix’s foot soak. We then spray on a callus softer to the feet, this will help to soften callus skin. It is designed to help to pop the layers of compressed skin apart, so it can be removed easier. We will finish the whole treatment by massaging away any tension in your feet. 
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