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The Mind, Body & Soul offers state of the art Tanning, with both Lay Down and Stand Up tanning options available! 
You can use our sunbeds between  
Monday - Friday, 9am-9pm  
Saturday - 10am-8pm 
Sunday 10am - 4pm 
Sunbeds Colchester 
If you can’t make it to the beach, a few minutes in the tanning bed are all you need for flawless, sun-kissed skin.  
Keep that summer tan all year round, with a wide range of courses available as well as the top tanning accelerators and creams to help you reach your desired look! 
First, you and your therapist discuss the appropriate length of treatment. 
Then you undress, put on protective eyewear and position yourself in the tanning bed. 
Your therapist then turns on the tanning bed. 
After your treatment, you and your therapist discuss the need for any follow-up treatments or a self-care plan. 
A quick trip to the tanning bed is all you need to give your skin that bronzed, beach-day look. 
Your therapist at The Mind Body & Soul Colchester will talk you through the benefits and answer any questions you may have. 
Book an appointment that is quick and convenient in Colchester with hassle free parking. 

☀️Built in bluetooth speaker ☀️Optional Face Tanning ☀️Face Cooling Technology ☀️Intense Body Cooling Fans ☀️Music Channels ☀️Stand up and Lay Down  SESSIONS AND COURSES Below you can find a list of the available Sessions and Courses at Mind Body and Soul Colchester: 

5 Minutes 
7 Minutes 
10 Minutes 
30 Minutes 
60 Minutes 
130 Minutes 
2 Week - 10 Minutes 
2 Week - 15 Minutes 
2 Week - 20 Minutes 
1 Month - 10 Minutes 
1 Month - 15 Minutes 
1 Month - 20 Minutes 


Tanning Creams can help accelerators let your tan, Get the most from your sunbed experience, while helping keep skin moisturised and smooth.

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